In the event of a security incident, our Rapid Response Force is available 24/7. 


Security audits have become an essential component in ensuring the robustness of your information system and associated infrastructures. SSI audits provide an in-depth security analysis of your infrastructure, identifying weak points and potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

By complying with safety standards and regulations, our audits help you:

  • To a ‘tailor-made’ reinforcement of your protection against attacks
  • Remain compliant with legal requirements, avoiding potential penalties.
  • Boost the confidence of your customers and partners.

By anticipating security breaches, our auditing expertise enables the implementation of preventive measures, reducing the risk of security incidents and strengthening your company’s overall resilience. Formind supports you in carrying out in-depth analyses, identifying personalized and prioritized recommendations, and implementing remediation measures to strengthen your company’s security.

Formind has a complete, ready-to-deploy audit toolkit, covering the leading standards on the market (ISO 27K, DORA, NIST, NIS 2, PCI-DSS, Swift…) and enabling us to address the needs of companies subject to multiple standards.  Backed by its RGS and PASSI qualifications in organizational and physical auditing, configuration, architecture, source code and penetration testing, Formind can support your company in the following areas: