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Tailor-made cybersecurity compliance audit

Our team of multi-disciplinary cybersecurity experts offers a comprehensive, customized compliance audit service designed to strengthen the security and robustness of your information systems.

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By 2026, more than 40% of organizations, including two-thirds of mid-sized companies, will rely on consolidated platforms to perform cross-repository cybersecurity assessments.

One audit, for multiple legal and regulatory coverage 

The “multi-repository” approach to information security auditing aims to assess the compliance and robustness of your organization’s information systems, based on the various reference frameworks and security standards to which your organization is subject. This approach offers a holistic vision, integrating various perspectives to guarantee complete, consistent IT security, while rationalizing compliance costs and avoiding redundant IS projects.

A comprehensive, integrated audit offering

An organizational safety audit

Our SSI organizational audit offers an in-depth assessment of your organization’s information security governance and measures, to ensure strict compliance with the security standards and regulations applicable to your context.

A mock audit and a pre-audit certification

To prepare for your certification audit, we offer to carry out a blank audit of your security policies, procedures, and controls in relation to one or more standards. This is also an opportunity to raise your teams’ awareness of information security.

A 360° IS security audit

Our integrated 360° audit offer combines an organizational audit with a technical audit, providing a comprehensive approach to strengthening your company’s security posture. This holistic approach identifies potential vulnerabilities from both organizational and technical perspectives

An audit of third parties / subcontractors

Ensure the security of your digital supply chain with our third-party information security audit offer. Identify risks, guarantee compliance and secure your partnerships. Choose objective digital trust in your subcontractors with this dedicated and equipped offer.

Multidisciplinary expertise in a personalized, integrated approach

An exhaustive audit

Comprehensive audits for a detailed assessment of your compliance

Customization and adaptability

Audits adapted to your specific context, guaranteeing a tailor-made approach

Easy-to-understand audit reports

Detailed audit reports accessible to a heterogeneous population of IT players

Our customer references

Business sector: Telecommunications

Mission description:

As part of its project to obtain dual ISO 27001 and HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification, this major telecom group asked Formind to carry out a compliance audit, which led to the definition of a roadmap for the implementation of its ISMS.

Business sector: Energy

Mission description:

With the goal of obtaining ISO 27701 certification for part of its activities, this major energy group hired Formind to carry out a mock audit, which identified non-conformities with the standard and produced an alignment plan enabling it to obtain certification for the IS included in the target scope.

Business sector: Health

Mission description:

This player in the medico-social sector wanted to rapidly increase the maturity of its IS security levels, both in technical and organizational terms. It was with this in mind that a 360° SSI audit was proposed; the detailed reports highlighted the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and recommended concrete actions to optimize information security in both respects.


What are the main stages in a compliance audit?

The key stages of an audit based on ISO 19011, the international standard for audit management, are as follows:

  1. Audit planning: Establish audit objectives, scope, criteria and plan, taking into account risks and resources.
  2. Audit initiation: Notification of stakeholders, team training, and confirmation of planning.
  3. Audit execution: data collection, observation, interviews, and evaluation of evidence against audit criteria.
  4. Communication during the audit: exchanges with stakeholders to clarify observations and maintain transparency.
  5. Evaluation of findings: Analysis of evidence, assessment of non-conformities, and identification of opportunities for improvement.
  6. Audit Report: Compilation of results, presentation of findings, conclusions and recommendations.
  7. Audit follow-up: Check that corrective actions have been implemented, monitor improvements, and complete the audit process.

How can a compliance audit help to raise awareness among IS stakeholders?

An information security compliance audit can make a significant contribution to raising awareness among information system (IS) stakeholders in different ways:

  1. Identification/reminder of information security issues
  2. Education on risks inherent to the company context
  3. Clarity of roles and responsibilities
  4. Reminder of internal safety rules and procedures
  5. Involvement in the continuous improvement process

I don't know how to objectively assess my level of information security maturity. What type of audit should I request?

If you’re having trouble objectively estimating your level of information security maturity, an organizational audit would be a relevant option. Depending on your context and the issues at stake, other audits could also be considered:

  1. SSI organizational audit: This audit assesses the level of maturity of your entire information security program, examining policies, processes, technologies, organizational culture and compliance with standards.
  2. 360° audit: This audit focuses on assessing the technological security solutions in place, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and IT infrastructure configurations. It highlights technical vulnerabilities that could destabilize the smooth running of your operations. This audit is combined with an organizational audit, giving you a 360° view of your SSI maturity level, and enabling you to act on both the technical and organizational fronts to mitigate your risks.

Third-party/supplier audit: If one or more of your services depends heavily on the reliability of one of your subcontractors or suppliers, we recommend that you call in a third-party audit to ensure that the security measures agreed with the third party through the subcontract or a Security Assurance Plan are being properly applied.

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