In the event of a security incident, our Rapid Response Force is available 24/7. 


Cybersecurity is a key element in corporate performances, and an essential factor in the successful development of products and services. The SOC (Security Operation Center) is designed to enable companies to monitor their information systems (using some of the most powerful SIEM, EDR and NDR solutions on the market) and detect attacks extremely quickly, while eliminating false positives.

CERT Formind, thanks to its VOC (Watch, OSINT, CTI), provides customers with the ability to anticipate cyberthreats through a watch on attacks and vulnerabilities adapted to their contexts, and management of their external attack surface.

We also provide a FIR (Fast Incident Response) team to intervene and respond in case of an attack (ransomware & malware, phishing, president fraud, identity theft, etc.). Particularly designed for companies that do not have the necessary resources in-house, Formind SOC & CERT can be rapidly deployed on a subscription basis, for greater budget visibility and shared commitment levels.