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In-house training

Our in-house training program, Formind Academy, offers exceptional opportunities for the professional development of our Forminders. From perfecting technical skills to career advancement, we cultivate an environment where continuous learning is at the heart of our corporate culture.

  • Maintain a high level of expertise by developing individual skills,
  • Give everyone the keys to success in their job,
  • Answer all questions about our offers,
  • Allow clear pathways within Formind,
  • Share the company’s DNA, values and position within the Cyber ecosystem,
  • Inspiring vocations

The Formind

Access Formind Academy training sessions with multiple objectives.

Internal and external training

The FORMIND ACADEMY includes both internal and external training courses, which can lead to certification. In fact, we have obtained Qualiopi certification.

Training: the pillar
of performance

At Formind, we see in-house training as an essential investment in our consultants’ performance.
Training our Forminders aims to develop their skills, and our approach is based on personalized follow-up, where the specific needs of each individual are identified and considered. This enables our consultants to follow training paths adapted to their professional aspirations and to the changes into the ecosystem.

Possibilities for continuous improvement

We believe in the constant evolution of our Forminders. The Formind Academy offers regular opportunities for professional development and advancement. We encourage our consultants to go beyond their limits and reach new heights in their careers.

We encourage internal mobility both horizontally (expertise and versatility) and vertically (management, business and branches development).

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