In the event of a security incident, our Rapid Response Force is available 24/7. 


Improve your Cybersecurity skills thanks to a unique range of practical and certifiable training courses.
Our training courses are Qualiopi certified.

Qualiopi certificate

Formind Academy

The Formind Academy offers unique training courses, delivered by certified AND accredited Cyber experts (audited and authorized to teach). They are experienced in different teaching techniques (inductive, deductive, interactive), to promote the transmission of knowledge and skills.

Their teaching programs are balanced between ‘theoretical’ fundamentals and varied examples and case studies, enabling you to fully grasp how to implement them in your own environments.

Content is continuously updated based on our own case studies and feedback. You can also benefit from tailor-made courses, designed from scratch, 100% adapted to your specific needs.

Teaching methods

We train our own teams to optimize their teaching methods. We are proud to display a 100% success rate for the various certifications we deliver (60 people trained in 2022).

Our training courses are Qualiopi certified.


Certified and accredited trainers (having passed the exams for the courses they run), who are themselves consultants, are able to provide you with feedback and case studies.


Innovative cybersecurity training and immersive teaching solutions for a stimulating experience


The right balance between creativity and organizational and technical skills

Did you know?

95 %

of security breaches are due to human error.

63 %

of security incidents are linked to a negligent or malicious employee

214 days

are required to realize that malware has infected an information system.

Access for disabled people (PSH)

We make sure that the teaching conditions for the public concerned are respected, and we also consider on a case-to-case basis how we can integrate their disability into the training program. If you have a disability, we will find a solution to accommodate you. We are at your disposal to study the adaptations required to meet your needs. Please contact us at

Disability contact: Elsa Gressinger,