In the event of a security incident, our Rapid Response Force is available 24/7. 

Who are we?

Formind is a French cybersecurity company leader in its domain.
Our mission is simple and beautiful: to protect our customers.
We are passionate about our work, driven by the values of excellence, commitment and kindness.

Risk and security ecosystem is a major playground for attackers, who are becoming increasingly professional and tend to exploit larger attack surfaces.

We all face ever-greater challenges:

  • Digitization and acceleration of business and industrial processes,
  • Explosion of data volumes and their value,
  • Development of generative artificial intelligence,
  • Improvement and protection of digital identity,
  • Ongoing technological innovations that shake up habits in every field

Challenges accepted!
Formind jumps in and offers its teams of experts to meet your challenges.

We love challenges!

Your safety, our core business

Our mindset:


Formind relies on strong convictions to help companies secure their future:

  • Identify and protect your most sensitive data,
  • set up systems adapted to your context and compliant with current regulations,
  • be able to detect attacks as quickly as possible and react swiftly.

From large private groups to SMEs and ETIs, not forgetting the public sector, we can help you build a trustworthy environment and make cybersecurity a real driver for your business performances.

PASSI-qualified since 2019, in the process of being PRIS-qualified by ANSSI and ISO 27001-certified, we help our customers to be more resilient and thus pursue their development through our three core businesses:

Consulting – Integration – SOC&CERT.

First and foremost, Forminders are passionate about what they do when they help their customers. They prefer collaborative approaches to rapid financial gains, agility in projects and, above all, pragmatism in their actions. They like challenges, high standards, commitment and change. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, every Forminder actively contributes to Formind’s development.

Become a Forminder


More than a passion!

Formind associates

Xavier Fauquet

CEO & Co-founder

Hervé Morizot

CEO & Co-founder

Grégory Demule

Associate director

Charles Melin

Associate director

Did you know?

+ 500



300 employees in 2024


9 offices (3 continents, 4 French regions)


core values Kindness - Commitment - Excellence

A strong recognition

  • New title of French Growth Champion awarded in early 2024 by Les Echos / Statista. Their ranking places Formind 201st out of 500, our 8th consecutive title!
  • Formind’s strong growth was recognized in 2022 by the Financial Times, which named it one of Europe’s 1000 fastest-growing companies.