In the event of a security incident, our Rapid Response Force is available 24/7. 

Internal life

Formind takes you behind the scenes of our daily lives
as well as our corporate culture, which is built every day.

Sharing knowledge

Throughout the year, Formind organizes Lunch&Learn events, where learning is combined with knowledge sharing between Forminders. These gatherings actively encourage exchanges within our communities of experts, creating convivial moments where sharing and brainstorming are the key values.

In addition, an annual seminar is organized for all Forminders to highlight current initiatives and the strategic objectives of each Business Unit.

Internal communications

Every month, Xavier Fauquet and Hervé Morizot (our founding partners) organize Townhalls open to all forminders: an opportunity to exchange and share information on Formind projects and news.

The Communication team completes these exchanges with a monthly in-house newsletter, which provides an additional means of maintaining fluid communication and sharing key information.

Social events:

Parties are regularly organized in exceptional or unusual locations. Great opportunities to get together. In 2022, Formind flew to Crete for a 3-day seminar. And to celebrate its 12th anniversary at the same time!

The Formind ESC is also very active, and every year surprises our Forminders a little more with evening events, ski weekends and visits to European capitals!

More than comfortable offices

Fulfillment at work and in the workplace is at the heart of our concerns. That’s why we’ve chosen to set up our various offices in co-working spaces that are as sober as they are crazy, with a bar, a garden and a pétanque court, and where we organize numerous events to encourage exchanges and encounters.

In addition to the private secure spaces reserved for Formind, we also have several meeting rooms to make your day-to-day life easier and offer the capacity to work in different locations depending on your travel requirements.

The Formind Academy

For internal and external training!

Formind has developed its own training center focused on our cybersecurity domain, but also on the development of cross-disciplinary skills linked to our business. In fact, we are accredited to provide certification training to support our teams’ skills development. These courses are also open to our customers.

Formind Academy

Our CSR actions and other activities

Our employees are involved in a variety of activities linked to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), such as the Printemps des associations challenge, the creation of digital and climate frescoes, garbage collection, support for several charities and rehabilitation associations, etc.

We also pay particular attention to inclusion and diversity within our teams. We support an internal group of Cybergirls to promote the feminization of cybersecurity and are a partner of the Simplon school.

We are also committed to well-being in the workplace and to an action plan to promote health and safety in the workplace.

Last but not least, many Forminders are athletes.
We organize soccer tournaments, while supporting our boxing, running and HIIT teams.

Formind is hiring!

If you’re ready to join the Formind adventure and contribute to our development, send us your application!

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