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Prevent cyber threats with the Formind VOC

The Formind VOC meets your need to anticipate threats and prevent attacks. Our “Vigilance, OSINT & CTI” center offers an approach that enables you to focus on the vulnerabilities (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) most relevant to your context, by combining supervision of your attack surface (Attack Surface Management) and threat actors.

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In 2023, almost 13,650 vulnerabilities were discovered, 20% of which were identified as critical.
Of these, around a hundred have been added to the CISA list of the most exploited known vulnerabilities.
£ ENISA Threat Landscape 2023

Reduce the risk of attacks before they happen

The risk of hacking is real (data theft, encryption, DDoS, etc.), and be a victim of an attack is a catastrophe no company wants to suffer. Attackers are increasing their efforts and ingenuity to break into an Information System or Critical Infrastructure.

Our VOC offer is based on 3 activities designed to address these issues. Our Monitoring activity alerts you to the latest vulnerabilities and new threats, to help you plan, prioritize, and apply patches.

Our OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) activity studies your digital footprint on the Internet, the Deep Web and the Dark Web, as well as your relationships with technology partners, service providers and subcontractors.

This information enables us to assess your attack surface and anticipate threats to your business (exposed databases, identity or brand theft, spear-phishing, certificate expiration, website downtime, exposed sensitive services, etc.). Knowledge of these risks strengthens your IT protection.

Our CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) activity provides operational support for your SOC security system, offering access to a Threat Intelligence Platform. This database provides indicators of compromise, as well as SIGMA or YARA detection rules to enhance your detection of cyber threats. Our Fast Intervention Response taskforce (FIR) relies on this database to steer its digital investigation approach and gain in efficiency.

Anticipation and prevention: one offer, three activities


– Stay informed about vulnerabilities that affect you.
– Define an appropriate action plan.
– Plan and prioritize your remediation.
– Correct, remedy, detect and investigate.
– Understand the new threats.
– Adopt a proactive approach to detection.
– Receive personalized newsletters


– Supplement your SOC detection with external detection.
– Discover your Shadow IT exposure.
– Identify direct threats to your information system.
– Consider the risks induced by your third parties.
– Control your brands and your data.
– Anticipate targeted attacks.
– Act before you react


– Decipher threat actors’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)
– Build a threat knowledge base (TIP)
– Monitor indicators of compromise (IOCs) and attack indicators (IOAs) within your SOC
– Implement a relevant and effective detection strategy.
– Benefit from SIGMA, YARA and SNORT detection rules

The benefits of our VOC activities

Structuring the vulnerability sector

Optimal efficiency in vulnerability management requires mapping and understanding the cyber ecosystem. A successful vulnerability management project means having the right information to give value to vulnerabilities. The implementation of a VOC service depends on good organization in terms of vulnerability management.

Managing and controlling your attack surface

Over 70% of companies have been compromised via unknown Internet exposure, not or poorly managed by IT teams.

The VOC Formind is designed to see beyond your perimeter firewalls, whether OnPrem or in the Cloud, to help you control this exposure:

  • Discovering unmanaged resources ;
  • Part-tier visibility ;
  • Identifying vulnerabilities.

A clear, modular offering

An offer built around 3 activities to ensure a clear vision of the threats linked to your company and your business sector.

  • Monitor your technologies, cyber news and specific threats;
  • Monitor your company’s data for leaks on the Clear, Deep and Dark Web;
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence.

A unified portal

Our unified portal gives you a centralized view of all 3 activities (Watch, OSINT, CTI) of our VOC offer.

This platform gives you all the data you need to measure your risks and manage your Internet footprint through vulnerability and threat bulletins.

Like a CMDB, you also have information about your assets, and the unmanaged assets that can impact you.

You can also manage all OSINT incidents through the same application.

Convergence at the heart of detection strategy

In addition to our detection (SOC) and security incident response (FIR) offers, raise your level of security by :

  • adopting a proactive posture in your detection strategy;
  • with more efficient detection in your context;
  • acquiring the knowledge to react more appropriately.

Our customer references

“Our managers meet their counterparts as well as media and political personalities. It’s important to keep an eye on the image we leave of ourselves on the Internet. Identifying information that could be damaging to our image helps us to control our communication and image risk. Formind periodically provides us with the markers (keywords, trends, etc.) we need to monitor the e-reputation of our leaders.”

Anonymous – Luxury sector

Sector: Energy

Mission description

The implementation of the service, on behalf of an international French player in the energy sector, was carried out in 4 phases:

  • Definition of monitoring perimeters and threats.
  • Identification of critical assets.
  • Bulletin production and continuous improvement. These bulletins are intended for the entire CISO community and are of two levels:
    – Threat monitoring bulletins (Bi monthly).
    – Alert bulletins on critical vulnerabilities, with recommendations for remediation measures.


Can I subscribe to only one of the activities in the VOC offer?

It is entirely possible to subscribe to one, some or all of the activities in the VOC offer, giving you a variable level of visibility over your threat.

How can I subscribe to your services?

Our Watch and CTI activities are available on an annual subscription basis. The OSINT activity can be carried out once or via a subscription, allowing additional detection scenarios.

In the OSINT activity, are all detection scenarios included or are they individually available?

OSINT addresses all specified detection scenarios at no extra cost.

What is the notification SLA for bulletins and incidents?

You are informed as soon as we are aware of the threat and have qualified the risk to your infrastructure.

Where do you get the data for your OSINT activities?

Data is retrieved passively from open sources (forums, black markets, telegram, public databases, passive dns, archives, etc.). With your consent, we can retrieve information on your identified assets.

Can I link your CTI activity to my SOC service?

By default, our CTI service is connected to our SOC offer. If you have your own SOC, we can develop and provide a connector for you.

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