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Audit your application source code

Code audit enables you to analyze an application’s code and identify the presence of vulnerabilities, identify impacts and realistic attack scenarios, and draw up a prioritized action plan to reduce risk.

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vulnerabilities have been reported to MITRE 2022, an increase of 20% compared with 2021.

 Developing and securing different but complementary businesses

 Development is a complex field, where the creativity and ingenuity of attackers are paramount. The increasing demand for new functionalities, often at the expense of security, combined with the lack of cybersecurity training for developers and the urgency of deadlines, creates a favorable environment for attacks.

It is therefore essential for our customers to have an external assessment of the security of their code, with advice on any necessary corrections.

An approach that fits your needs

A semi-automated approach

Our audits are based on market tools that make it easier for us to get to grips with the code. This enables the auditor to concentrate on sensitive functions that are prone to errors.

An offer often coupled with penetration test

We advise our customers to carry out a combined penetration test and code audit. In our experience, having the platform and the code available in parallel has been proved very effective.

Performing flash audits

We adapt to our customers’ budgets, and can propose a flash audit methodology that pinpoints only critical vulnerabilities.

A team of experts on a human scale

A PASSI-qualified company

Formind has been qualified PASSI RGS audit provider by ANSSI since January 2019, and on all 5 scopes since 2021. Each of our services benefits from PASSI procedures and expertise, particularly regarding customer data confidentiality.

Auditors who are themselves former developers

All our auditors have at least some developer experiences in their professional curriculum. This saves time in mastering the code base.

Diversity of computer languages

Our team is capable of auditing the most common languages on the market: Java, php, python, javascript, typscript, angularJS, bash, powershell, go, rest… and even a few more exotic languages, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Our customer references

Business sector: Healthcare

Flash code audit of hospital applications targeted by ransomware attackers.

Business sector: Software editing

Audit to validate the security of application upgrades as they are released (generally one major release per quarter).


Can code audit be carried out on applications already in production, or only on projects under development?

Code audits can be carried out at various stages, whether on projects under development or on applications already in production. It is recommended at every critical phase of the application lifecycle, to guarantee ongoing security.

What direct impact does a successful code audit have on my company's security?

A successful code audit enhances security by identifying and correcting vulnerabilities, thus reducing the risk of exploitation by cyber-attackers. This improves the robustness of your code and overall confidence in the security of your applications.

How can I measure the return on investment (ROI) of a code audit for my company?

The ROI of a code audit can be measured by the reduction of security risks, the prevention of potentially costly vulnerabilities, and the improvement of your company's security reputation. These factors contribute to a safer, more reliable environment.

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