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Prepare your company with a crisis management strategy

Our experts can help you implement crisis management systems adapted to your context, and gradually train your teams.

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69 %

of managers have experienced at least one business crisis in the last five years.
Importance of information in crisis management: a statistical analysis by ResearchGate

Be prepared for the various crisis scenarios your organization may face.

The last few years have seen a sharp increase in cyber risks and crisis for companies in all sectors. In a post-pandemic context marked by geopolitical tensions and an increase in disasters and impacts linked to global warming, acquiring the ability to overcome a cyber crisis is clearly no longer an option. Cyber risk is more than ever at the heart of the concerns of CISOs and corporate management. Constantly on the rise, threats are adapting and evolving, and attackers are benefiting from technological innovation just as much as the organizations they target: protecting oneself is no longer enough.

We must accept that a cyber-attack can happen, so we can prepare for it and respond as best as we can.

Our offer enables you to acquire a multi-purpose, yet simple and understandable crisis management system to deal with impacts, unforeseen events, and uncertainties in emergency and stressful situations.


From maturity assessment to crisis management exercises

Assessing your readiness

We can carry out a complete inventory and assess your organization’s maturity. We can also map major risks and feared crisis scenarios.

Setting up your crisis organization

Our experts design and structure crisis units and define incident and crisis management processes. They also build the necessary toolkits for each of your feared scenarios and offer you a choice of nominal and secondary crisis tools.

Training your teams

Our teams raise awareness and train members of your management, operational and decision-making crisis units. We also offer tabletop exercises and crisis simulations.

Strengthening your business in the event of a real crisis

In the event of a crisis, we can be there from the start to help you manage and coordinate the situation. In the event of a cyber-attack, Formind’s Fast Intervention Response (FIR) will help to secure your IS.

Our expertise in the field for optimum preparation

Expert crisis management consultants

Our experts have an extensive experience in crisis management, enabling them to talk with your management committee and guide them. Our trainers receive 2 levels of crisis management training within the Formind Academy, and regularly put their knowledge into practice during real or simulated crises.

Major support from technical experts in penetration testing and FIR

Our specialists work closely with the members of the Formind’s FIR and are knowledgeable about cyber crises. Our services in writing reflex action sheets / cyber response plans or operational cyber exercises are systematically backed up by our cyber experts (pentesting, red team, incident response).


Progressive training courses for members of your crisis unit

We ensure that your teams are properly involved in this training program by assessing their level before and after the crisis (simulated or not). The feeling of progress enables us to help your crisis managers move forward.

A wealth of expertise, thanks to more than a hundred crisis management exercises carried out to date

We have already worked with a wide variety of sectors and companies of all sizes (small/medium companies and key accounts), both in France and abroad. (Telecom / Luxury / Industry / Insurance / Banking / small/medium & very small companies…)

Our customer references

Objectives & challenges

  • Train crisis unit members in crisis management processes
  • Ensure that the roles and responsibilities assigned to each member in crisis management are properly understood


Mission description

  • Exercise preparation
  • Analysis of the crisis organization in place
  • Development of the scenario
  • Definition of the objectives to be achieved by members of the crisis unit
  • Stimuli definition (external animation unit based in Paris and London)
  • Preparation of media and the test animation kit (twitter, Facebook, videos, audios, interviews etc…)
  • Exercise animation.
  • Actions follow-up decided by members of the crisis unit
  • Coordination of the actions within the animation team regarding stimuli
  • First feedback collection right after the exercise
  • Second feedback collection later after the exercise and formalization of a new action plan to correct errors

Objectives & challenges

Development of a cyber crisis management organization model

Mission description

  • Analysis of existing processes and typologies
  • Development of a cross-functional cyber crisis management organization model
  • Target and links with existing processes validation
  • Communication kit creation

Objectives and challenges

  • Train crisis unit members in their roles and responsibilities in the event of a crisis unit activation
  • Develop the good reflexes in the event of crises and scenarios involving building unavailability, activism, and cyber-attacks.

Mission description

  • Crisis unit tooling
  • Design of simple reflex action sheets for each scenario
  • Redesign of crisis unit awareness and training materials
  • Exercises’ preparation
  • Definition of objectives and gains pursued for each objective
  • Construction of crisis exercise scenarios and definition of stimuli
  • Leading and managing crisis exercises
  • Exercises’ animation
  • Coordination of the actions of the animation team
  • Participants’ observations
  • First feedback collection right after the test
  • Second feedback collection later and formalization of a new action plan to correct errors


How to measure the effectiveness of a crisis management system?

The effectiveness of a crisis management system can be measured through simulation exercises, post-incident feedback, and by assessing the company's ability to quickly resume operations. Our team will support you in the ongoing evaluation and optimization of your system.

What are the advantages of proactive crisis management preparation?

Proactive preparation helps to anticipate crises, reduces response times, and mitigates consequences. It also offers the opportunity to learn from past crises, adjust strategies accordingly, and continuously improve corporate resilience.

Why are cyber-attacks a serious threat?

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and can lead to data loss, operational disruption, and breaches of confidentiality. A crisis management system including a cybersecurity strategy is crucial to protect digital assets and minimize risks.

How can crisis management impact a company's reputation?

Inadequate crisis management can have damaging consequences for a company's reputation. An effective crisis management system enables quick reactions, minimize negative impacts, and communicate transparently, thereby preserving the stakeholders’ trust.

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