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Cyber risk management: knowing your risks to better anticipate them

Cyber risk management is part of Formind’s DNA. We can help you identify, analyze, assess, and manage your risks.

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4 ,45M$

In 2023, the average cost of a cyber-attack is $4.45 million, up 15% over the last three years
IBM Data Breach Report 2023

What approach to cyber risk management should you adopt?

In addition to the multiple attack surfaces’ – human, organizational, technical, and physical – that can be exploited by an attacker, there are potential consequences that can have a long-term impact on your organization.

To deal with them, you need to adopt a rational and pragmatic process:

  • Identify: which of the organization’s assets are concerned? which threats could affect them? which vulnerabilities could be exploited?
  • Analyze: What are the potential consequences? Is the risk likely? Should I analyze the risk qualitatively or quantitatively?
  • Evaluate: what is the level of criticality for each risk analyzed?
  • Treatment: what risk reduction measures should be implemented, regarding our risk prioritization and capacity to invest in security?

This may seem a constraining process, but we can help you make it simple and practical, through an operational teaching approach to help you from start to finish. Our team of GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) experts know the proven methodologies. Our multi-sector experience and knowledge of the many technologies used by our customers enable us to better understand their business and technical challenges.

Efficient cyber risk management guarantees better protection of your information and your information systems, reduces the risk of cyber-attacks, improves the resilience of your organization, and better management of your cybersecurity costs.

The keys to global cyber risk management in your organization

Building, reviewing, and coordinating a security network

We can help you create, evaluate, and animate your cyber risk management processes. Are they adapted to your context and challenges? What is your maturity level? Thanks to our structured approach, we can advise you on continuous improvement in organization, methodology and action plans follow-up.

Cyber risk analysis

We can help you to implement your risk analysis approach, with your business and technical contexts in mind. Our analysts are committed to build a prioritized vision of perimeter risks to provide decision-making support and guide security investments.

Industrializing risk management

We can help you industrialize your risk analysis and project safety integration processes by setting up a service center: a dedicated team, a methodology adapted to your context, the use of the relevant safety reference frameworks, and standardized management in terms of reporting and work unit management.

Tools adapted to your context

We can help you integrate a centralized cyber risk management solution. Formind has chosen to partner with EGERIE RM, which enables us to capitalize on our analyses, action plans follow-up over time, and offer a consolidated 360° vision. Our approach is based on 4 phases: defining your needs, configuring the tool, piloting based on a few analyses, and industrialization.

Support for all your cyber risk management issues

Support for all your cyber risk management issues

With hundreds of risk analyses to our credit, our consultants have developed expertise in cybersecurity methodologies and standards. As part of our commitment to excellence, three-quarters of our consultants are already certified or even trainers.

A wide range of references

We work alongside major players in the public, banking, and energy sectors, for whom we have set up service centers to industrialize the processing of risk analyses, as well as carrying out specific analyses for complex organizations or projects.

Mastering tooling

To help you integrate the Egerie RM tool, we have set up a team of around twenty specially trained consultants who regularly exchange information with the technical and the research and development teams at Egerie.


What are the challenges of good risk management?

  • Complexity: the risk analysis process is often lengthy, and the larger the company, the more restrictive it becomes. The methodological approach simplifies the process.
  • Uncertainty: it can be difficult to accurately assess the probability and impact of risks. Here again, methodologies offer a structured, systematic approach that rationalizes and standardizes these assessments.
  • Organizational impact: there may be resistance to change linked to the implementation of the risk treatment plan. Costs or process modifications can sometimes be meet with reluctance, which needs to be addressed pragmatically, considering the specific characteristics of each business. It’s important to find the right balance between risks and impacts.

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