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GDPR compliance, a guarantee, and an opportunity for everyone

Ensuring compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) means protecting personal data and strengthening trust with customers and partners

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CNIL complaints and 345 CNIL inspections in 2022
CNIL 2022 Activity Report (French Data Protection Authority)

Personal data protection, a dynamic and operational process

GDPR compliance is a challenge for companies, whatever their size or sector of activity. The number of complaints lodged with the CNIL, and the number of inspections carried out each year demonstrate the particular attention paid to data protection and respect for privacy.

Above regulatory constraints, compliance enables companies to protect themselves against the risk of their databases being compromised, and to strengthen the confidence of their ecosystem. The Formind team supports all players in the compliance process, with a focus on continuous improvement, using management tools tailored to the needs of each organization.

A comprehensive offering for robust, sustainable compliance

Compliance audit and action plan

Our audit offer enables us to take note of your organization’s current level of GDPR compliance, and on this basis draw up a detailed, customized action plan.

Mapping and registering data processing

We can help you map all your processing activities and draw up a register that complies with regulatory requirements. This tool enables you to manage the overall compliance of your data processing activities, both in your capacity as data controller and data processor.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

We identify data processing operations subject to Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and carry out the required DPIA using the tool proposed by the CNIL or any other tool of your choice. These impact analyses enable us to assess the risks and analyze the security measures implemented to remedy them.

Managing people’s rights

We put in place processes to guarantee people’s rights and manage their requests (right of access, right of rectification, right of erasure, right of opposition, right of limitation, right to portability). We can also help you write clear and transparent information notices for the concerned people.

Data breach management

We can help you set up data breach management procedures tailored to your organization, so that you can detect and deal with security incidents as quickly as possible. We can also help you with all the necessary formalities (notifying the CNIL, informing individuals, keeping and updating the data breach register).

Outsourced DPO or DPO support

Our GDPR experts can provide assistance to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) or be appointed directly as DPO for your organization. This support ensures the GDPR compliance of all new projects, assists in the preparation of all GDPR documentation, raises awareness among users and defines a point of contact for all GDPR issues regarding both the supervisory authority and data subjects.

A pragmatic offer tailored to your needs

Tailor-made support to ensure your GDPR compliance

We support companies on all GDPR compliance issues and offer customized support tailored to the needs and constraints of each structure.

A toolbox to help you with your GDPR compliance

We provide you with a complete solution of GDPR tools to facilitate your compliance: processing register, model procedures, contractual clauses, audit tools, dashboards…

Our customer references

Formind supported a French industrial group in carrying out a compliance audit, allowing it to draw up a precise roadmap of the various compliance actions to be implemented.

Formind provides daily support to a major energy group, assisting with both the development of GDPR compliance materials and tools, and the new projects’ compliance.

Formind helped a major actor in the environmental sector to carry out several data protection impact assessments.


What does an GDPR compliance audit involve?

A compliance audit makes it possible to take note of the current situation in relation to GDPR requirements and identify any differences noted. At the end of the audit, a compliance roadmap is drawn up with a precise action plan and priority indicators.

What are the advantages of appointing an outsourced DPO?

Personal data protection regulations are complex and constantly evolving. The outsourced DPO provides in-depth, up-to-date expertise on all these subjects. They are also free from any conflict of interest and can devote as much time to the task as the data controller requires.

Is Formind's offer based solely on the GDPR framework?

Several regulations apply to the protection of personal data, in addition to the GDPR. One example is the e-Privacy Directive in the electronic communications sector, which covers the particular issue of cookies. Other texts have been published more recently or are currently being drafted, such as the Data Act (on data access and use), the Data Governance Act (on data governance) or the AI Act (on artificial intelligence). Formind's offer is based on all these texts, providing companies with the most comprehensive solution possible.

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