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CISO Desk: 360° CISO support

CISO’s main missions are developing a cyber strategy and its governance: our experts can help to anticipate, prevent, and respond to digital threats.


76 %

 of CISOs believe they lack the Cyber resources to implement an effective cybersecurity strategy
(Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty 2022)

How to ensure a global, coherent, effective, and integrated approach to security in my company?

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) must identify and evaluate the cyber risks, define the objectives and priorities regarding their treatment, monitor the implementation of protective measures, while overseeing and assessing the effectiveness of the cyber strategy.

The CISO must as well make sure the communication is effective to theirmanagement, to the IT organization with whom he must constantly synchronize, and to the company’s employees that must be sensibilized and trained. He must also make sure regulators and authorities are aware that the company is compliant with applicable cybersecurity standards.

This wide range of responsibilities requires some abilities regarding cybersecurity’s laws, standards,  regulations, technical securing, as well as project management and communication.

At Formind, we can help you address these challenges with our “Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)” team of experts (some of them being former CISOs). Our consultants can offer a fresh, independent, and experimented look through an adaptive approach emphasizing continuous improvement and based on the best risks-benefits ratio.

The keys to global management of cyber strategy and governance

Cyber strategy

We can help you in formalizing, updating, or projecting your security strategy over the next 3 to 5 years, to align it with your corporate challenges and regulatory requirements, based on our experience and our recognized multi-sector expertise.

The information systems security policy (ISSP) and the body of documentation

We can help you write and maintain your safety documentation over time.

Whether it’s your Information System Security Policy (ISSP), your security procedures or even your Security Assurance Plans (SAP), we have a library of templates based on our previous missions.

Steering and control

We can help you set up dashboards covering the full spectrum of your responsibility.

Our goal is to provide you with a complete overview and control of your main risks (KPI, KRI and KCI) to prioritize your risk reduction plan in a pragmatic way.

Coaching and CISO assistance

We can assist you in your daily activities providing the additional expertise or workforce you need for a global security management.

Whether you need to formalize, frame, manage or communicate, we can be by your side.

An expert and pragmatic support for your security issues

The seniority of our teams

Our teams include consultants, some of them being former CISOs themselves, helping CISOs in all types of companies and sectors for many years.

A wide range of references

We’ve been working for over 15 years in all types of business sectors and for all sizes companies, doing hundreds of missions. This experience guarantees that we can adapt to your context with pragmatism.

Standard’s mastery

Whether you need to comply with ISO 27001/27002, NIS, NIST, LPM, etc., our consultants have proven expertise and mastery of these standards.

A proven approach and models

With dozens of missions completed, we have a wide range of templates for documents and security dashboards, guaranteeing efficiency and speed.

Our client references

  • Analysis of technological developments and new services asked by business
  • Compilation of guidelines and requirements from all CISOs
  • Construction of a 3-year IS security strategy and animation of working groups by major domain (Identity Access Management, infrastructure, network, mobility, etc.).
  • IS regulatory, organizational, functional and technical audits
  • Identifying safety risks and challenges
  • Increasing team maturity in IS security issues
  • Writing of the IS’ Security Policy and security procedures with a pragmatic approach
  • Review control design with business
  • Business lines awareness regarding methodology and governance on defined controls
  • Preparing presentations for the Cyber Control board
  • Definition of controls for the static code analysis process
  • Follow-up on the remediation of audit recommendations related to the implementation of Cyber controls
  • Follow-up on declarations of personal data processing operated by Cyber controls
  • Participation in defining the ISS (Information Systems security) roadmap
  • Implementation of a methodology for integrating security by design
  • Implementation of security indicators (KPI, KRI and KCI)
  • Gap analysis with ISSP
  • Implementation of an incident management procedure


What new challenges do I face as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)?

There are many and they are linked to your responsibilitiesregarding the company:


  • Subcontractors and suppliers represent a risk not to neglect
  • More than ever, industrial professions and their specificities need to be integrated
  • Increasingly constraining regulations


  • Managing cyber resources and their expertise remains a challenge for Human Resources.
  • Cyber projects are more ambitious and require program management skills, and are increasingly asking for returns on investment.
  • Communication is a key expectation, whether it is with management or employees.


  • Infrastructures’ resilience has become a key issue regarding the multiple ransomware attacks.
  • Cloud Security brings new challenges
  • Internet of Things (IoT) security opens the door to new attacks

What technological issues do I need to consider as a CISO?

  • Identity and authorization management complexity
  • On a larger scale, the Zero Trust emergence
  • Distributed security: SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network), SD-LAN (Software Defined – Local Area Network), XDR (Extended Detection and Response), …
  • Cloud security

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