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A safety bubble designed from A to Z

A true cybersecurity strategy means guaranteeing the security of the site and premises housing the most critical infrastructures. A global approach to risk therefore requires consideration of both logical and physical countermeasures.

Our safety offer considers all requirements and constraints (both external, internal or regulatory) in the design of your safety bubble.

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413 billion euros

This is the new budget allocated for the LPM (Military Programming Law) voted for the period 2024 to 2030 = 413.3 billion euros.
This budget covers various defense-related provisions, including physical safety and site security.
Ministry of Defence – 2023

Physical security of premises: a major but challenging brick of security

Future developments in IT security include the use of AI, and in particular machine learning, to detect and prevent intrusion attempts, malicious acts, the presence of abandoned objects and suspicious behavioral patterns. There are also new access control technologies based on biometrics (fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.) and dematerialized identification media.

It should be noted that the emergence of new threats targeting information systems is forcing entities to take this into account when setting up a well-designed Security Information System. This is even more important in the case of sensitive companies or those subject to certain regulations.

This note provides a strategic vision of the market’s offerings and future, focusing on the following areas.

  • Adapting safety to technological and organizational developments, and to the emergence of new threats
  • The rapidly changing definition of cybersecurity
  • The point of investing in cybersecurity projects

4 key areas of expertise


Safety Management System (SMS) assessment

  • Risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Cybersecurity policy definition
  • Operational monitoring

Audit and master plan

  • Comprehensive site audit (active and passive safety)
  • Definition of a budgeted roadmap
  • Planning according to criticality levels

Network infrastructure design and support in identifying requirements:

Support in identifying requirements:

  • OT/IT segregation (physical or logical)
  • setting up shared services
  • network authentication (PKI)

KPI certification and design

  • Homologation of security information systems (OT) & IGI 1300 & II901 compliance
  • Help in designing human resources
  • Drafting of a badge encoding charter (multi-application use; IGC design; etc.).

Active and passive security solutions to meet the challenges of new threats

Electronic security is constantly evolving, with the emergence of new technologies working to counter these new threats. It plays a full part in protecting information and organizations, helping them to prevent both physical and logical malicious acts.

Constant technological watch

Our safety offer is supported by consultants with a wealth of civilian and military experiences, who have been able to test and implement many solutions and systems.

We maintain our knowledge daily by participating in international and local fairs and meetings.

Compliance approach

Our teams combine cyber and security expertise to prepare our customers to meet the challenges of LPM and NIS 2 compliance.

Pure player safety

Formind has built up a network of experts specializing in safety engineering, who will support you throughout the project management phases of your safety and regulatory compliance projects, from the audit phases to the development of master plans and the choice of solutions.

A business and technology-oriented DNA

Our business positioning (functional and technical) enables us to assess trends and support your thinking in terms of modernization and solution acquisition.

We are experimenting with new ways of working and new approaches of risk management.


What are the future investments in safety over the next few years?

Planned investments in security for our entities focus on access control, video protection, cybersecurity tools and intrusion detection.

What regulations are closely linked to safety?

  • From an industrial standpoint, we can quote the APSAD standards for property safety.
  • The evolution of IT safety and its proximity with cybersecurity opens the door to certain regulations that must be applied. An entity, depending on its activity, may be subject to these regulations:
    • LPM ; II901 ; NIS & NIS 2 ; ISO 27001 ; ANSSI Guides ; Police & Justice Directive (RGPD applied to police deputies)

Can safety be combined with CSR measures?

Yes, certain subjects, particularly in the field of passive safety, have evolved and now enable energy savings to be made. Safety can be combined / interfaced with smart building systems and federated with a BOS (Building Operating System) to mutualize and capitalize on information flows between field sensors and system applications.

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