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Project management assistance for operational cybersecurity projects

The aim of our Operational Security Project Management offer is to support our customers’ security teams in the framing and implementation of their SecOp projects, with a particular focus on operational support for CISOs and optimization of incident detection and management services (SOC / CERT).

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The general level of the cyber threat in France remains high, with over 800 proven intrusions reported to ANSSI in 2022.
Operational cybersecurity activities must therefore be stepped up to guard against this constant threat.
ANSSI 2022

An AMOA offer covering a wide range of operational safety issues

The SecOp AMOA offer supports CISOs and SOC/CERT teams in a variety of areas:

  • Defining a roadmap for operational cybersecurity,
  • SOC & CERT services maturity analysis,
  • Continuous improvement of detection rules,
  • Extending services to OT infrastructures,
  • Solution benchmarking (SIEM, EDR, NDR, SOAR),
  • Analysis and implementation of new solutions,
  • Support for the implementation of detection and response tools,
  • Organizing calls for proposals,
  • Optimizing incident management processes,
  • Structuring CTI and vulnerability management units,
  • Training of SecOp teams.

Backed by over 10 years of experience and best practices, we work with customers in a wide range of sectors, including energy, transport, the public sector, banking, agriculture, food and more.

Methodologies combining our knowledge of project management assistance and our cybersecurity expertise.

SecOp roadmap

With you, we consolidate and prioritize operational security actions arising from ongoing SSI projects and security audits. Together, we draw up a SecOp roadmap aligned with the objectives of the company’s cybersecurity policy and the information system risk analysis. At the same time, we set up regular committees to prioritize and monitor projects included in the SecOp roadmap.

Setting up a managed SOC

Together, we gather information on existing needs and functional and technical requirements in terms of detection, response, vulnerability management and threat intelligence (CTI). We draw up the specifications, organize the consultation, and produce a comparative summary of different tools with recommendations covering functional, technical, organizational, and financial aspects. Our team also provides support for operational implementation and acceptance of the managed SOC service.

Benchmarks of solutions and create POCs

As a team, we define what aspect and features we want to assess in line with your organization’s needs. Our experts carry out a functional, technical and financial analysis of market-leading and emerging solutions. Together, we consolidate a benchmark of the solutions best suited to our customer’s context.

We also work on framing the implementation of the proposed solution in our specific context.

Optimizing the incident management process

We identify strengths and areas of improvement in your response to critical incidents. We actively contribute to the detailed construction of a response process, encouraging everyone to participate. We provide the tools needed to implement this process effectively. At the same time, we train and coach our teams to the new process.

Formind added value

Customer feedback

The ability to capitalize on our extensive customer feedback in terms of tooling, structuring and coordinating detection, response, vulnerability management and threat intelligence activities.

Technical expertise

Technical expertise in all aspects of cybersecurity, enabling you to understand, challenge and communicate the expectations of your operational teams.

Expertise in project management and consulting methodologies

The ability to support you in project management activities (gathering requirements, organizing calls for tender, testing solutions, etc.), consultancy (opportunity studies, roadmaps, maturity analyses, etc.) and management (definition and monitoring of KPIs, financial consolidation, production of summary reports for CISOs, CIOs and the Executive Committee).

Our customer references

  • Federation of different entities around a Group CSIRT department
  • Reinforcing the effectiveness of operational safety, and a strong CSIRT brand
  • Assessment and operational audit of the CSIRT
  • Drawing up an operational safety strategy
  • Drawing up an implementation roadmap

Numerous actions launched to improve overall cybersecurity level

Definition and implementation of an operational security strategy and roadmap to strengthen risk control and integrate security into IT processes.

Support for the CERT unit of an international luxury goods group

Implementation of a project to professionalize and improve the response to critical cybersecurity incidents, mobilizing detection and response teams located in different geographical areas.

Implementation of a detailed, tool-based critical incident response process

Training and coaching teams to implement this new process


How can I integrate my operational safety projects into a consolidated, ongoing roadmap?

We'll help you define a SecOp roadmap incorporating the security projects currently identified, recommendations from audits and hardening studies carried out on your systems, and alignment with the best practices observed among our customers.

How to implement a managed SOC service (MSSP)?

Together with your teams, we will compile a list of your detection requirements, draw up a set of specifications and support you in tendering and selecting the managed SOC provider best suited to your needs.

How can I optimize my response to critical cyber incidents?

We work with you to build a formalized process to respond to critical incidents, taking into account the response capacity of your teams, the possibility of calling on external resources in the event of a crisis, and the issues specific to your information system and business context (resources located on several geographical plates in particular).

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