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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, only 51% of companies worldwide had a plan in place to respond to a serious global health crisis.
2021 – How Covid-19 changed crisis management – CMI

Optimizing operational resilience to changing threats


Often developed in “peace time” and on a “theoretical” basis, resilience systems come up against constantly evolving organizations and technologies. They must therefore get to the essential points and be strictly aligned with the needs and practices of operational staff.

The cyber threats’ increase highlights the need to ensure the resilience not only of IT infrastructures, but also of users’ working environments.

IT resources are centers of all business processes and have become indispensable. However, companies must now address this very specific scenario of information system unavailability by involving the business and preparing to resume their activities without the IT tool in its nominal mode.

Our support offer focuses on scenarios involving the unavailability of your company’s essential resources, systematically addressing the cyber risk.

From maturity assessments to business resilience exercises.

Business Continuity Management System definition

We identify your company’s most concerning business continuity issues and design a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) tailored to your needs and constraints.

From Business Impact Assessment to the deployment of continuity solutions

Our experts collect your business continuity requirements, define a pragmatic strategy, and monitor the deployment of technical and organizational solutions.

Tests and simulations: the guarantee of being ready in the event of a real sinister

We put the continuity system to the test through tests and simulations, gradually increasing the level of risk control and coverage, and reinforcing team ownership.

An Operational Resilience offer for your businesses covering cyber risk

A business-oriented methodology tailored to your context

Our tailor-made approach enables our customers to build a concrete system adapted to the needs and constraints of their operational teams, rather than imposing inappropriate generic tools.

Expertise in business resilience, IT resilience and crisis management

By combining our expertise, we ensure the coherent deployment of your entire continuity plan, from the design of the SMCA to the monitoring of the deployment of technical solutions.

Integrating our cybersecurity expertise into every resilience project

The support of our cyber experts (Incident Response, pentesting & Red teams) in our service delivery enables us to address the most complex security issues, but also the most recent ones.

Our customer references


Support for a major telecom client in implementing its Business Continuity Plan


  • Overhaul existing governance and continuity processes and
  • ensure that the approach is accepted and used by business lines and support functions

Mission description

  • Review of the governance of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) is in place.
  • Creation of a project roadmap to manage BCP projects
  • Site risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Design and implementation of continuity solutions (technical, functional, and organizational)
  • Implementing a global crisis organization
  • Formalization of a strategy file for use in crisis situations
  • Drafting of a BCP dashboard


Support for a major industrial account in implementing its Business Continuity Plan for its plants in France and abroad


Ensure continuity of plant production activities in the event of a cyber-attack crippling the central IT system.

Mission description

  • Analysis of supply chain processes, definition, and implementation of technical, organizational, and functional solutions in the event of central IT unavailability.
  • Testing secondary solutions (degraded mode)


Helped a major insurance company implement and optimize its operational resilience system.


Increase the level of maturity of several entities regarding operational resilience according to Group guidelines and the ISO 22301 standard.

Mission description

  • Assessment of the entity maturity
  • Conducting BIA (Business Impact Assessment) interviews
  • Implementation and management of the roadmap for compliance with these standards
  • Review and formalization of continuity strategy
  • Building a continuity dashboard with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Design of reflex action sheets for various scenarios
  • Building crisis exercise scenarios
  • Conducting and leading crisis exercises (x2/year) – Cyber-attacks, fire, terrorist attacks…


What is operational resilience and why is it important for my business?

Operational resilience refers to a company's ability to anticipate, resist, adapt and recover quickly from disruptions. This includes major incidents, natural disasters, cyber-attacks and so on. It is crucial because it guarantees business continuity, reputation protection and stakeholder satisfaction.

How can an operational resilience system benefit my company on a daily basis?

An operational resilience system enables you to proactively identify and manage risks, ensure stable operations, minimize financial losses, and maintain the confidence of customers and partners.

What are the tangible benefits of investing in operational resilience with your support?

Benefits include reduced downtime, savings on recovery costs, enhanced reputation, improved regulatory compliance and increased stakeholder confidence.

How can I start setting up such a system for my company?

Contact us for an initial consultation. We'll assess your specific needs, discuss the options available and develop a customized action plan to strengthen your company's operational resilience.

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