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Cybersecurity awareness: Awaken your employees!

Employees who are not sufficiently aware of the challenges of cybersecurity are the main source of risk, particularly if they are unaware of their role in the company’s protection chain.

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95 %

of the cybersecurity threats people face have been caused in some way by human error.
(The Global Risks Report published by the World Economic 2023)

Raising awareness of cybersecurity: a real challenge for companies

The constant threat of cyber-attacks requires ongoing awareness-raising to maintain vigilance. However, a major obstacle is the lack of resources and budgets allocated to awareness-raising, which can lead to neglect of regular staff training.

Another challenge is employees’ perception of cybersecurity, which is often associated with technical jargon that may seem far from their daily tasks. It’s crucial to make people understand that, through good practices, every employee contributes to securing the company.

Human error refers to the unintentional actions – or lack of action – of employees that cause, propagate or enable a security breach.

2 types of error:

  • Skill-related errors, hence the importance of raising employee awareness
  • Decision-based errors, hence the importance of population testing

Cybersecurity awareness


It requires a well-thought-out approach, adapted to employees’ day-to-day tasks, to overcome these challenges and reinforce the company’s overall security.

Raising employee awareness

– Awareness campaign
– Raising awareness of technical populations
– VIP Awareness
– E-learning & serious games
– Escape Game cybersecurity awareness campaign
– Cyber event
– Customized Capture The Flag (CTF)
– Cyber Communication plan

Test your population

– Phishing Simulation
– Smishing Simulation
– Spear phishing simulation
– Quizzes & Questionnaires
– Certifying awareness course

Why choose Formind to raise your employees’ awareness?

Expert, educational speakers

Expert, pedagogical lecturers, with expertise in information systems (IS) security, IS risk management, business continuity and RGPD.

Varied, fun and innovative media

From on-site presentations to innovative formats (mobile applications, escape games, attack demonstrations), customized events, interactive videos, e-learning, serious games, and social engineering tests.

A wealth of feedback

We have already worked with a wide variety of sectors and companies of all sizes (small companies and key accounts), both in France and abroad.

Our customer references

Sector: Banking

  • Phishing tests carried out on 30,000 employees from 16 subsidiaries (EU)
  • Setting up indicators and monitoring tools
  • Definition of associated awareness-raising actions based on results

Sector: Concessions and buildings

  • Event for the Group’s 170,000 IS users
  • 5 formats: round table, escape game, stand, workshop, cyber permanence
  • National and local versions of the global strategy

Sector: Services

  • Creation of a tailor-made cyber-game for 8,000 employees to raise awareness of computer hygiene rules.
  • Creation of a CTF for the cybersecurity sector


Why is it important to test employees regularly?

Testing employees on a regular basis helps maintain a high level of understanding of risks and best practices. These assessments help identify areas for reinforcement and measure the ongoing effectiveness of the awareness program over time.

How can I set up an effective awareness program at my company?

Setting up an effective awareness-raising program means first assessing your company's specific needs. It's up to the awareness program to adapt to the company, not the other way around. We can provide you with personalized advices to develop a program tailored to your environment.

How can I encourage the active participation of employees in cybersecurity awareness initiatives?

Encouraging active employee participation is no easy task, and requires clear communication, fun, interactive awareness-raising sessions, and positive incentives.

What are the signs that our staff is well aware of cybersecurity?

Signals of good cyber maturity within your workforce include the ability to identify potential threats, the adoption of secured behaviors, active participation in training and exercise sessions, and prompt reporting of incidents.
Our support aims to help you identify these signals within your organization.

How can we involve management and executives in raising awareness of cybersecurity to create a culture of security at all levels of the company?

Management involvement is crucial. We offer strategies to raise management awareness, foster their commitment, and promote a culture of cybersecurity at all levels of the company.

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