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Develop your defense-in-depth strategy with Privileged Access Management (PAM)

PAM (Privileged Access Management) is essential for the security of critical corporate assets, acting as the last line of defense. It contains policies, procedures and technologies to control the use of elevated rights.

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84 %

Out of 1,000 companies surveyed, 84% have suffered an intrusion with identity compromise as the root cause.
78% felt a direct impact on their business
According to the IDSA (Identity Defined Security Alliance), by 2020

All paths of attack lead to PAM

Recent technological transformation, driven by the digitalization of business and the advent of new technologies such as Cloud and DevOps, has generated a proliferation of identities with sensitive privileges. This creates a variety of attack paths to assets.

Nevertheless, the implementation of a PAM, also known as privileged access and account governance, comes up against challenges such as a lack of visibility over the extent of privileged accounts, or the reluctance of users to adapt their working methods.

Despite these challenges, the implementation of privileged account governance remains essential to control the risks associated with privileged access, and in some cases to meet strict regulatory requirements. An adapted strategic approach, combined with the adoption of appropriate technological solutions, is the key to success.

Step-by-step support for privileged access governance

An advisory and strategic approach to your PAM project

Our support usually begins with an in-depth analysis of your needs, clearly defining the project’s scope and requirements.

Through an exhaustive and contextualized benchmark, we provide essential insight for your strategic decisions.

Finally, depending on your maturity, our technical and organizational audits will enable us to reveal potential vulnerabilities or shortcomings, and propose an appropriate action plan.

Technical integration whatever your context

The success of a PAM integration project depends above all on a proven approach and recognized expertise. So, after a meticulous technical and functional design phase, the deployment of PAM solutions is precisely orchestrated to ensure a smooth landing.

The transfer of the solution to your teams is facilitated by in-depth training sessions. Dedicated change management support ensures a smooth and successful transition to new practices.

Personalized follow-up and support throughout your PAM project

We place particular emphasis on customer care and support. Whether you need us to qualify or resolve problems, define and implement platform upgrades, or expand to meet new requirements, we’re here to help you throughout your PAM project.

1st-rate expertise and support

Dual expertise in IAM and PAM

Our experts have widely recognized expertise in identity and access management, recertification and rights modeling. This competence is strategically exploited in our PAM missions.

Leading PAM partners

We have established strong alliances with two major market players, Delinea and Wallix. These collaborations materialize through the certification of our specialists, qualification environments and privileged access to knowledge bases.

A cross-functional approach to PAM issues

The governance of privileged accounts and access cannot be reduced to a technical solution, however powerful and comprehensive it may be.

That’s why we’ve designed a holistic service offering capable of supporting our customers from the moment they define their needs right through to the continuous improvement of their operational process.

Proven tools and methodologies

On the strength of numerous PAM assignments, our experts have developed and perfected a range of tools and methodologies adapted to a variety of contexts and objectives.

Our customer references

Business sector: Energy

  • Perimeter 3000 resources, 200 maintainers
  • Mapping and review of privileged account rights models
  • Definition of the operational management model for this new model
  • Solution architecture design,
  • Solution installation and integration
  • Skills transfer to solution administrators and users
  • Support and maintenance of the solution in operational and security conditions

Business sector: Energy

  • Survey of Group entities to identify needs and expectations for the PAM service
  • Gap analysis around governance, services offered, operational processes, team management, service levels.
  • Definition of an improvement roadmap


What are the current challenges involved in setting up the PAM?

Challenges include resistance to change, integration with other systems, staff training, and the need to balance security and operational efficiency.

How do you choose the right PAM solution for your business?

It's crucial to consider the size of the company, its complexity and compliance requirements, and to choose a PAM solution that offers robust monitoring, identity management and flexible access policies.

How is PAM different from traditional identity management systems?

Whereas traditional identity management systems often focus on access in general, PAM focuses specifically on privileged accounts and access, bringing enhanced security where the risks are highest.

Does the PAM guarantee total protection against cyber-attacks?

Although PAM is an essential security measure, it does not guarantee total protection. It must be complemented by other security measures, such as employee awareness and continuous threat monitoring.

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