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The ANSSI hygiene guide includes 42 security rules, 16 of which are directly related to the management or control of your access and authorizations.
Computer hygiene guide – ANSSI

Protect your connected world!

In a world where cybersecurity has become a major issue, organizations face complex challenges in securing their information assets. Formind offers a complete range of identity and access management solutions, enabling you to reduce the risk of breaches while improving operational efficiency.

Prioritize and work with us to define and implement your roadmap:

  • IAM (Identity and Access Management) includes global identity and access management,
  • IGA (Identity Governance and Administration), which covers identity governance and administration as part of IAM,
  • PAM (Privileged Access Management) for specific management of high-privileged accounts and accesses,
  • GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance), a framework including governance, risk management and compliance, influencing IAM and IGA strategies.

Thanks to our expertise, secure your data, simplify your authentication processes, and ensure full compliance with current regulations: RGPD, LPM, NIS, eIDAS, ACPR, ARJEL, ARAFER, etc.

Global approach to IAM and customized services

Comprehensive and customized audits

Our experts carry out a detailed audit of your current systems, identifying potential weaknesses and proposing concrete improvements.

IAM solutions integration

– Integration of the latest SaaS or On-Premise IAM technologies, to set up SSO (Single Sign On) including MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) for your critical applications, whatever their hosting, or to manage your digital identities and their authorizations.

– By automating your processes, we reduce your administrative workload, minimize human error and accelerate critical processes such as user onboarding and access revocation.

TMA and managed services for worry-free IAM management

At Formind, we understand that identity and access management is a dynamic process requiring constant attention. That’s why we offer TMA and managed services, ensuring that your IAM infrastructure remains not only functional, but also up to date with the latest technological developments and regulatory compliance. Our dedicated team provides continuous monitoring, regular updates and responsive support to quickly resolve any issues or modifications required. With our managed services, you can focus on your core business, while rest assured that your IAM environment is in expert hands.

Regulatory compliance and governance

We ensure that your organization is fully compliant with international and local regulations, by integrating advanced governance and risk management functionalities such as MFA implementation, business/application role matrix implementation, automatic generation of audit reports, or rights recertification.

AMOA: Project Management Assistant

We guide you through the selection and integration of an identity and access management solution. Our expertise covers the careful assessment of your organization’s specific needs, the selection of the most suitable IAM solution and the rigorous monitoring of your integration project. We work closely with your teams to ensure that every stage, from design to implementation and beyond, is aligned with your strategic and operational objectives. Our change management support ensures a smooth transition to your new IAM solution.

Key benefits of our IAM offering: Trust, Security and Efficiency

An independent partner for objective advice

As an independent consulting firm, Formind puts its customers’ interests first. Backed by years of experience, our consultants offer impartial, well-informed recommendations, enriched by proven know-how in the management of digital identity and access management programs and projects.

In-depth technical and strategic expertise

You’ll also benefit from our technical and strategic expertise, ensuring that your IAM solutions are not only robust, but also perfectly aligned with your strategic and operational challenges.

Customized solutions for every customer

Each solution is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit with your existing infrastructure and adapting to the evolution of your business, enabling flexibility and scalability to meet your future requirements.

Interoperability and cohesion between solutions

Mastering interoperability is at the heart of our approach: we guarantee harmonious integration between directories, applications and portals, in line with market standards and protocols, thus fully meeting business needs while respecting the technical constraints of your IT environment.

Our customer references

Public sector – department

In order to increase the security of its information system and facilitate access to it, this departmental council wanted to integrate an access management solution into its information system.

The major challenges for this department were to:

  • Get a robust, centralized access management solution
  • Enhance the user experience according to the risk weighing on the authentication context

The main objectives of the 1er batch included:

  • Implementation of federations for Office 365 (WS Fed), Netscaler (SAML v2) and Lumapps (OpenID) applications
  • Enable adaptive authentication including the following schemes: Kerberos, Login/MDP, Mobile Push, WebAuthn via Yubikey, SMS OTP, and unlocking via Q&A or Referral

Mission description

  • Solution specifications
  • Installation and configuration of the integrated solution
  • Testing and validation
  • Drafting of project documentation
  • Deployment assistance / Support / Maintenance

Insurance sector

Context and objective: An insurance group wanted to strengthen access management and system security by centralizing authentication, automating identity management, and reducing manual management to increase operational efficiency. Through a strategic partnership between us and a software publisher, a complete IAM solution was implemented to comprehensively manage access rights to IT resources.

Mission description

  • Definition and implementation of a single identity repository
  • Implementation of IAM base functions
  • Implementation of controls and ancillary functions

Aerospace sector

Background and objective:

As part of its IAM trajectory, our customer wanted to acquire an identity and authorization management solution. Formind helped them draw up the specifications and select their future integrator.

The main objectives of the project:

  • Analyze identity management maturity
  • Identify the right organizational model
  • Produce an overview of players offering appropriate solutions
  • Formalize the specifications for launching the consultation process
  • Support in analyzing the various offers from integrators and in oral presentations
  • Identify a partner of choice for the defined development plan

Mission description

  • Organization of workshops to identify needs
  • Feedback workshop with summary of workshops and expected functionalities
  • Drawing up specifications
  • Market consultation with the customer

Banking / Insurance sector

Context and objective: A group in the insurance and banking sector has defined a high-level IAM policy to provide a framework for practices in this area. It wishes to put this policy into practice and adopt a continuous improvement approach.

The main objectives of the mission were to:

  • Roll out the policy operationally in an initial pilot area
  • Carry out tests on this perimeter to adapt processes and make them fully operational
  • Identify “quick wins” that can be replicated in other areas

 Mission description

  • IAM policy analysis and target definition
  • Prepare and lead workgroups to define empowerment processes, considering the current organization and the target defined in the policy.
  • Definition of the process for maintaining the operational readiness of accreditation repositories
  • Validation and support for initial deployment
  • Identifying quick wins


How can Formind help my company choose the most appropriate IAM solution?

Our experts analyze your existing processes, assess specific risks and requirements, and advise you on the IAM solutions best suited to your needs and technological environment.

What criteria does Formind use to evaluate IAM solutions on the market?

We evaluate IAM solutions according to their robustness, flexibility, integration capability, regulatory compliance, total cost of ownership, and return on investment for the company. Also, depending on your requirements, we consider the type of hosting offered and the functional scope of the solutions.

What does AMOA (Assistance à Maitrise d'Ouvrage) involve in an IAM project?

IAM project management involves strategic and operational support to define your needs, select appropriate solutions, and supervise the integration of identity and access management systems within your organization.

Why is IAM essential for my company?

IAM is an essential security framework for protecting your company's information and resources by controlling who has access to what, and how that access is technically achieved.

How can an IAM solution help my company comply with GDPR and other regulations?

An IAM solution helps companies comply with regulations such as the GDPR by ensuring strictly controlled data management, respecting user rights and providing recertification, auditing and traceability tools.

What approach does Formind take to change management in an IAM project?

Our approach to change management involves preparation, education and support for users, with an emphasis on clear communication of benefits and training for a smooth transition to the new IAM solution. We draw up a change management plan with you that assesses the drivers and barriers to change, prepares the key messages to be communicated, lists the impacts, schedules training, manages resistances, lists the various guides, defines key performance indicators linked to the change, and so on.

How does IAM manage remote or work from home users?

An IAM solution enables secure access management, regardless of user location, guaranteeing robust security and a consistent user experience, even when working from home. An SSO solution will enable a second authentication factor to be added if required, and the authentication sequence to be adapted according to context.

What are the advantages of a single sign-on (SSO) model?

SSO simplifies the user experience by reducing the number of logins needed to access different applications, while reinforcing security by centralizing your access protection policies.

Can we count on Formind for post-deployment support for IAM solutions?

Absolutely, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your IAM solution works efficiently and evolves with your organization's needs.

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