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Enhance cloud security with appropriate solutions

Formind offers a comprehensive expertise in the integration, covering the choice, implementation, and governance of your cloud security solutions.

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82 %

of breaches involved data stored in the cloud
IBM – 2023 cost of a data breach report

Optimize the security of your cloud environments with the right expertise.

 The integration of cloud solutions represents a crucial step in the digital journey of enterprises, enabling a smooth transition to agile and elastic IT environments. To meet the complex challenges posed by cloud convergence, technical expertise in deploying and managing appropriate security solutions is needed. Combined with an in-depth understanding of each company’s specific needs, it’s the foundation of a successful integration.

This covers solutions such as CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management), CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform), CWPP (Cloud Workload Protection Platform), SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), Microsoft Purview or Azure Information Protection.

With so many cloud security solutions to choose from, selecting and integrating the one best suited for your context and needs becomes crucial. Our offer guides you from choosing to implementing these solutions to ensure complete security for your cloud environments.

Multi-solution support

An informed choice of solutions

Choose solutions tailored to your specific cloud cybersecurity needs.

Our expertise guides you in your choice of solutions, guaranteeing integration with your infrastructure.

Expert implementation

Benefit from specialized implementation of market-leading solutions.

Our experts ensure efficient, compliant integration of solutions (CSPM, CASB, CNAPP, CWPP…), maximizing their protection potential.

M365 data security

Advanced protection for Microsoft 365.

We provide state of the art integration of solutions such as Purview and Microsoft Information Protection, strengthening the security of your data in Microsoft 365 environments.

Cloud security governance

Establish robust governance for ongoing security.

We support you in the implementation of security policies, guaranteeing ongoing protection of your data.

Maximize the benefits of our expertise

Versatile expertise

Experts at your side to integrate the best solutions for your company (AWS, Azure, GCP, M365, etc.) and private clouds (Kubernetes, VMware, Nutanix, etc.).

Take advantage of our broad experience to select and integrate the solutions best suited to your needs.

Complete information system security

360-degree security, from the information systems to sensitive data.

We support you in deploying comprehensive protection for the security, integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Proactive risk management

Anticipate and mitigate risks with our proactive approach.

Our experience enables us to anticipate your needs and offer you security options you haven’t yet identified.

Our customer references

Business sector: Services

After gathering the customer’s requirements, we deployed and configured MIP, and documented procedures for the support teams.

Business sector: Energy

To guarantee the security of our customer’s entire development and deployment chain, we studied and deployed opensource security solutions that we integrated into the existing CI/CD, based on Gitlab and Terraform technologies.

Business sector: Insurance

To anticipate our customer’s needs in terms of securing its cloud infrastructures, we carried out a study of the main CSPM solutions on the market, to be able to recommend one adapted to its context.


How does Formind select the right cloud security solutions?

We carefully assess your needs and recommend solutions such as CSPM, CASB, CNAPP, CWPP, etc., tailored to your requirements and budget.

What are the advantages of integrating cloud security solutions like Purview?

Integrating solutions like Purview strengthens data security, offering advanced protection in Microsoft 365 environments. We're convinced of the need to strengthen the security of your Microsoft 365 environments, as they contain a great deal of sensitive information that you may not be aware of.

How does Formind ensure complete cloud security governance?

We work with you to establish security policies, ensuring effective governance and ongoing protection of your data.

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