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Cloud security: what strategy to adopt and governance to implement?

The use of the Cloud has become a reality within companies. Companies need to ensure the security of the applications, services and data they use. They must therefore set up the associated organization to meet the challenges of regulatory compliance, sovereignty and reversibility.

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More than a third of respondents cited security concerns as an incentive to move systems and services out of the cloud.
Cloud Computing Study 2023 – The balancing act of cloud expansion

How can you ensure a global, coherent, effective and integrated approach to Cloud security?

The growing use of the cloud requires a strategic approach and solid governance. The key challenge is to develop and implement a comprehensive cloud strategy. Every aspect of it is critical to ensuring optimal security and regulatory compliance.

Risks depend on several parameters, such as business challenges, technological choices and the organizational measures put in place. A secure deployment must therefore incorporate best practices, including organization, implementation quality and identity management.

The regulatory aspect is also a major issue in many sectors. Between data sovereignty, service resilience and reversibility, our customers face many challenges.

An approach to risk management and organization from the start of your project, or once it’s started, makes it easier to achieve compliance and reduce cloud-related risks.

Cloud expertise for a cybersecurity strategy

A cybersecurity strategy for the cloud

Define the cybersecurity challenges of using the cloud.

Our experts will help you identify the key points for your organization and define the associated best practices to suit your context.

A compliance analysis

Analyse the risks of using public or hybrid cloud providers for your organization and check if your cloud usage complies with your regulatory obligations.

Our teams, with years of experience in a wide range of industries, can help you analyse the risks and compliance state of your cloud.

A safety policy and a set of documentation

Come up with a cybersecurity policy dedicated to cloud operations and the necessary documentation.

Thanks to our experience with numerous customers, we can support you in this process, which we tailor to your needs.

Strengthen your organization with our expertise in cloud cybersecurity

A security policy tailored to your cloud

The drafting of a cloud security policy adapted to your context. Thanks to our expertise, you’ll benefit from a set of documents that covers your needs and avoids the traps of cloud security management.

Risk analysis for your applications

We work alongside major players in sectors such as banking and energy, for whom we have helped assess the risk of using the public cloud, as well as the associated eligibility criteria.

Expertise tailored to your needs

Enhanced security at every level for total peace of mind.

Our experts, certified on Azure, AWS and GCP, will support you in all aspects of cloud security to ensure complete protection, from data encryption to proactive risk management.

Our customer references

We helped our customer wanting to deploy applications in the public cloud with a risk assessment.

Based on the criticality of the data, its context and regulatory constraints, we defined the risks of using the public cloud, as well as the eligibility criteria for applications to be deployed there.

Our client has entrusted us with the task of drafting a security policy dedicated to their public cloud.

To this end, we helped the company analyze its security maturity to define a realistic security policy and quantifiable rules for its application.

For our customer wishing to move to a public cloud provider, we ran workshops to help determine the risks involved.

From these elements, we have drafted a cloud security policy and came up with technical and organizational measures to reduce risk.


Why is a tailor-made cloud strategy crucial?

A customized strategy considers your specific needs, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing risk.

How does proactive security governance benefit my organization?

Proactive governance ensures the ongoing protection of your data by implementing strict policies and advanced security controls. We're with you every step of the way.

Can I use foreign SaaS solutions for my business?

The use of hosting platforms outside of France or the European Union may not be authorized, depending on the data used and the specific regulatory constraints to which you are subject. We can help you to identify these issues and offer criterion for assessing the risk and regulatory compliance of their use.

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