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Optimize your infrastructure’s security with a 360° cloud security audit

We offer comprehensive configuration, architecture, organizational and CI/CD audits for public and private cloud environments. Highlight your cloud’s security with our 360° audit that aligns technical and governance aspects.

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98,6 %

of organizations have configuration errors on their cloud environments, leading to a major risk to their data and infrastructures.
2022 Cloud (In)Security report – Zscaler Blog

Ensure the robustness and compliance of your cloud environments

The growing complexity of cloud environments, whether public (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, etc.) or private, requires in-depth evaluations. Managing multiple cloud providers at once and the diversity of solutions offered by the editors increases configuration, security and governance difficulties. Customers often face complex challenges where one minor mishap can lead to security breaches, excessive costs, or regulatory non-compliances.

Our 360-degree audit addresses these challenges by offering a thorough vision. We offer assessments of your technical configurations, architectures, organization’s resources, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes. By combining technical and governance aspects, our approach guarantees a comprehensive assessment of the robustness and compliance of your systems, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and strengthen the security of your cloud environments.

A cross-functional cloud audit to ensure optimum security


A configuration audit

Assess the robustness of your configuration, ensuring optimum use of cloud resources.

Our audit identifies critical configuration changes to optimize performance and enhance security

A complete architectural audit

Analyze the structure of your cloud environments and compare it with the industry best practices.

We evaluate your Cloud architecture to ensure that its state of security is adapted to your needs and the regulations applying to you

A team organization audit

Assess your organization’s consistency against cybersecurity best practices. Our team verify that cybersecurity governance rules and security measures are enforced and adapted to your cloud context.

A pentest

Our experts can help you identify vulnerabilities enabling an attacker to gain privileged access to confidential data or resources.

A thorough audit of your cloud

Linking people and technology

A comprehensive assessment with both technical and governance expertise.

Our 360° audit provides a comprehensive view, combining the technical and governance aspects of your cloud environments.

Customized reports and recommendations

Detailed reports and recommendations specific to your environment.

Each audit is followed by a personalized report, highlighting weaknesses, and providing recommendations adapted to your context.

Post-audit support

Personalized follow-up to implement recommendations.

We help you implement the audit recommendations, ensuring a smooth transition to an optimized environment.

Our customer references.

As part of a managed application hosted on one of the main public clouds, we carried out a technical and organizational audit of the outsourcer’s cloud infrastructure and organization.

Having identified the deployment mechanisms as a potential vulnerability, we carried out an audit of the mechanisms put in place to limit user rights, check that the code was not vulnerable and that the deployment of resources on the public cloud corresponded to best practices.

This company asked us to assess the security of their Entra ID configuration, Microsoft’s cloud-based identification, authentication and authorization service. The goal was to make personalized recommendations for strengthening access security for their employees.


Why choose a 360° audit rather than a traditional technical audit?

The 360° audit combines an in-depth technical assessment with a governance analysis, ensuring a thorough view of the robustness of your cloud environments.

Do we have to subscribe to a 360° audit of our cloud environments?

No, you can only ask for a technical, architectural, or organizational audit. We offer a complete package, because all these aspects are linked.

Is configuration auditing intrusive?

We make sure we have as little footprint as possible on your environment. From a read-only account, we collect all the required configurations from your cloud for an offline study by our teams. Data can be stored on Formind’s cloud infrastructure or on your own, before being deleted at the end of the audit.

Does the development and deployment infrastructure really need an audit?

Yes, because this is often the mean used to deploy resources and applications. Taking control of a developer's account or the whole deployment infrastructure potentially enables the creation, modification, or deletion of any project on the cloud environment.

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