In the event of a security incident, our Rapid Response Force is available 24/7. 

Optimize your infrastructure with our expertise in securing cloud architectures

We offer our expertise in securing cloud architectures by guiding you in the choice of cybersecurity solutions and services offered by public and private clouds, as well as CI/CD solutions, and their associated configurations.

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80 %

80% of companies will have experienced at least one cloud incident by 2022
Snyk’s State of the Cloud 2022 Security Report

Control your cloud environments for optimum cybersecurity

In view of the growing complexity of cloud environments and the constant challenges of data security, our approach is tailored around our in-depth architectural expertise and solid cloud governance skills. Our team of experts works closely with each customer to gain an in-depth understanding of their specific needs and design customised architectures.

We specialize in defining robust architectures, focusing on data security, integrity and confidentiality, whether in public or private cloud environments. Our technical expertise enables us to select specific technologies according to each company’s unique requirements, guaranteeing efficient resource management and rigorous compliance with security best practices.

This global approach also includes proactive governance, ensuring constant monitoring, security policy write-ups, and adaptability to changes in the technological landscape. We are committed to ensure not only data protection, but also optimal performance, adaptive scalability and efficient management of cloud resources, all underpinned by a strong governance and cutting-edge technical expertise.

Tailor-made cloud security expertise

Support for secure cloud architecture

Design flexible, scalable architectures aligned to your specific needs.

Our experts work with you to create tailor-made cloud architectures, optimized for security and efficiency.

Security solutions analysis

Implement robust cybersecurity strategies, integrating encryption and risk management on your cloud environments.

We carefully evaluate the available security solutions, providing you with detailed analysis to make informed choices.

Multi-level environments security

Optimize the security of your applications’ lifecycles with continuous integration and deployment processes.

We can help you set up a complete defense system, from design to operation.

Maximize the benefits of our cloud cybersecurity expertise


Optimised and customised architecture

Tailor-made architectures to optimize your cloud security.

Thanks to our expertise, you can benefit from customized architectures to best protect your cloud resources.

Advanced, cross-functional cloud security

Enhanced security at every level for total peace of mind.

Our experts can support you in all aspects of cloud security, from data encryption to proactive risk management.

Expertise tailored to your needs

Thanks to our experience in a wide range of sectors, we can offer you cloud security expertise tailored to your specific needs.

Our customer references

We helped our customer in securing its public cloud (Azure and AWS), from setting up governance to reviewing control measures of their cloud provider services.

Our experts have analyzed and implemented security solutions to secure IaC (Infrastructure as Code) developments of their applications. We also defined the associated organizational procedures.

We helped the customer in defining cloud related IAM roles and responsibilities according to a RACI of their daily tasks.


How can Formind add value to your choice of cloud solutions?

We bring in-depth expertise in evaluating cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and other cloud solutions, guaranteeing choices tailored to your needs.

How does Formind ensure data confidentiality in the cloud?

We implement advanced security measures, including encryption, to ensure total confidentiality of your sensitive data.

What does technical assistance for development and deployment plants entail?

Our experts can help you set up and configure technical solutions for your CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment), from rights management to vulnerability scanning. We can also help you set up governance around these mechanisms.

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