CISO Coaching


When he took office as CISO of this International Group, Senior Management entrusted Formind to provide personalized coaching for his CISO.


  • Identify CISO’s strengths and weaknesses (expertise and interpersonal skills) with a 360-degree view.
  • Provide personalized coaching
  • Plan and anticipate major deadlines (Plenary sessions, Comex intervention, …)


  • Governance Optimization
  • Facilitate decision-making in Executive board
  • International perimeter takeover

Description of the mission

The Coaching and Communication service was tailor-made and in line with the CISO’s requirements.

This mission consisted of 7 modules divided into weekly 2-hours workshops:

  • Self-assessment and 360 -degree review of the CISO, analysis of a typical day as CISO
  • Organize Cyber governance and manage the internal/external team
  • Getting ready to host a high-level meeting
  • Getting ready to facilitate a meeting in front of 100 people
  • Build trust and sell ISS internally
  • Securing a budget from the Executive board
  • Networking and Alliance Building

The mission includes stage games with a coach and former CISOs.

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